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Supported by:

Conference Copy Inc, has recorded the
conference lectures.

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Price List

Post-Conference Prices
Individual Session $14
Double sessions $25
MP3 CD of all recorded sessions $149

Orders of $ 100.00 or more on individual CDs will receive a 10% discount.

Shipping costs are $2 per CD, $10 maximum. (25% surcharge added for International orders)
[Canadian Customers please note:  The head of CCI has stated that he will make sure that anyone who orders from Canada is charged a flat rate of $ 10.00 for shipping.   Because the website is set up to charge the higher rate, you will receive a credit once you are charged.  If you call to place the order, you will get the lower rate immediately.]

(All sessions were recorded live and are unedited. Every attempt was made to keep the presenters and people who ask questions on the microphone to ensure the best quality audio.

These CDs come with all of the components to be installed on your computer if you are missing the necessary software. Be aware that these are MP3 CD's. They can only be played on MP3 players, PC's, or MP3 capable CD or DVD players.)