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For additional information on research in New York and other aspects of the conference, please be sure to also check the menu on the left side of this web page.


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Conference Registration
Is your site a secure site?
Do you accept Discover credit card?
What if I prefer to fax in my registration?
What do I do if I don’t want to fax my credit card number?
How can I get my address to fit in the number of fields (yellow boxes) provided on the registration form?
How do I list a country on the name tag if I don’t know what country my ancestors were from?
What identification is needed that allows a registered attendee into the conference lectures and other events??
My spouse and child will be at the hotel with me but are not attending the conference. I am concerned about leaving them alone all day. How can they find out about meeting others and seeing the sights in New York?
What if my spouse/companion wants to attend a fee-linked event but is not going to attend the conference?
What does a non-registered companion need as identification in order to attend the fee-linked events that take place at the hotel, such as the banquet, SIG meals and tours?
Do the conference lectures and other events go into the evening hours?
How do I sign up for the lecture sessions and other Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings?
What if I want to attend two lectures occuring at the same time or conflicting with one of the tours?
What are the times of the SIG (Special Interest Group) meals? Will they conflict with the conference sessions?
I am researching a particular area and would like to be at the luncheon but will not be eating. Can I attend without paying the fee for the meal?
This is my first conference. I read about the banquet, but don't understand what this is about. Is it a key part of things, or is it just a side event?
Why haven’t I received a confirmation letter?
Can I make changes to my Conference registration?
How can I make additions to my registration?
I am trying to add a tour to my registration. I am able to log in to Registration Update using my last name and the password on my confirmation letter. I entered the tour I wanted, but did not get a confirmation letter and no fee was charged. I also did not get an error message. What happened?
After seeing the sessions offered, my spouse decided he wants to attend the conference. I am able to add fee-based events, but how can I add my spouse?
Registration Check-In
How do I know where to find the group going on my tour Sunday morning? It leaves before I can sign in at registration.
I will be arriving Sunday afternoon. How can I sign-in at that time and get my name tag and conference bag?
I see that conference registration does not open until 9:00a.m. on Sunday morning. I am scheduled for a Sunday morning Ellis Island tour which leaves the hotel at 8:00 a.m. How can I register at the conference and get my ticket for the tour?
I cannot attend the whole conference, but hope to attend for one or two days. Since I won’t know until that week if I can arrange to do that, can I register on the same day I want to attend?
I will be arriving at the hotel after Sunday registration closes. How will I be able to attend the Opening Session and Reception without an identification badge?
I will be arriving at the hotel Monday afternoon, after registration closes. How can I get my registration material and identification badge in order to attend the late afternoon and evening events?
Unfortunately, I cannot attend the conference, but am volunteering to help in the Hospitality room on Sunday. How do I get access to that area?
Hotel Reservations
What do I do if all the rooms reserved for the conference at the Marriott Marquis are booked when I try to make a reservation?
I was counting on staying at the conference hotel, the Marriott Marquis. Is there anything that can be done to make more rooms available?
How do I reserve a room at the Marriott Courtyard?
What is really the walking distance between the Conference Hotel, Marriott Marquis, and the Marriott Courtyard? I've heard several different answers to this, from 1/4 mile to 2 miles. What is the best route to take from one to the other? It is important to know when making decisions about where to stay.
What if I have to cancel or change my hotel reservation?
How can I find roommates to share a room and split expenses?
How can I register if I do not know yet who my roommates will be?
What if there are not any rooms available by the time I get a roommate?
As an abstract submitter and potential speaker, how do I book rooms at the hotel?
What can I do if my credit card expires before the time of the conference?
Hotel Accommodations
Is the food at the conference kosher?
How large are the hotel guest rooms?
What is the configuration of the rooms?
I need a refrigerator in my room. How much will that cost?
Is there internet access from the guest rooms at the hotel?
Do the Marriot Marquis and the Marriott Courtyard have special automatic elevators for Shabbat?
Where is the closest minyan to pray on Shabbat?
Is there a Kosher place to eat on Shabbat?
Will there be morning prayer services during the conference?
Are there minyanim for Mincha?
Is there a list of kosher restaurants around the hotel?
Cemetery Visits
I am scheduled for a Sunday morning Cemetery visit which leaves the hotel at 8:00 a.m. The conference registration does not open until 9:00a.m. How can I register for the conference and get my ticket for the trip?
How will I find out where to meet my group going on a cemetery visit early Sunday morning?
I am getting on in years and am not in the best physical condition. Are your cemetery visits for me?
How much time do you plan on allotting for each cemetery visit?
Why are you allotting at least 3 hours within the cemetery? I just need to visit my great grandparents. That won't take 3 hours. Won't I get bored?
What if I need more or less time in the cemetery?
How many stops do you plan on making in each cemetery?
How come I can't be dropped off and picked up directly at my burial society of interest?
What if I get lost or become disoriented?
Do I have to wait my turn in line at the cemetery office with everyone else to find out the burial location of the deceased?
I have about 15 people buried in the cemetery whose dates of death, society and grave locations I don't know. Can I get this information on the spot from the office?
I'm not sure if the deceased person I'm looking for is really buried there. Should I take a chance and go to the cemetery anyway?
I don't know the married surname of the deceased woman I'm looking for because it was that of her second husband. Would the cemetery office be able to help me?
What if I can't locate my society because it's unmarked or the gate is only in Yiddish/Hebrew or the boundary lines are unclear?
What if I can't locate a specific grave within a society?
What if the matzevah I'm interested in is only in Hebrew/Yiddish/Russian/Farsi (Persian) and I can't read it?
What if the matzevah I'm interested in turns out to be totally obscured by poison ivy vines or pine bush?
New Montefiore and the other large Jewish cemeteries in Pinelawn, Long Island are very far from the conference venue. How come you didn't offer them as one of your choices?
Why do so many New York City cemeteries straddle the border of Brooklyn and Queens?
How can I make my cemetery visit more comfortable in the heat of August?
I live outside the United States and plan to come to NY for the conference. Can you call a cemetery for me in advance and/or look up a NYC death certificate?
Can I go shopping at Supersol on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills and still make it back in time for the ride back to the hotel?
I was able to arrange to stay on Friday for the conference version of a “Jewish Antiques Road Show.” I have so many “tchotchkes” that I’d love to learn more about. Is there a size limit for what I can bring?
My spouse and child will be at the hotel with me but are not attending the conference. I am concerned about leaving them alone all day. How can they find out about meeting others and seeing the sights in New York?
Whom do I ask about other events in New York?
Unfortunately, I cannot attend the conference in New York. The sessions look wonderful, and I very much want to have a copy of the syllabus. How can I get one?
Whom do I ask about other more general questions?
Why did the NY 2006 organizing committee volunteer to host this conference and do all this work?