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The NY2006 Conference mailing list is the place to ask (or answer) questions about Conference activities and arrangements. As of April 16, 2006, the list had over 600 subscribers, including Conference registrants, potential registrants, speakers, and committee people.

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Since the NY2006 mailing list is hosted by JewishGen, you need to be a registered JewishGen user to subscribe.

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JRI-Poland Jewish Records Indexing Poland. A project to create a searchable database containing all available vital record indexes for Jews of Poland. SUBSCRIBE
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New York 2006 Conference A mailing list devoted to questions and issues about the 26th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy to be held in New York, August 2006 SUBSCRIBE

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Note that there is sometimes a few weeks’ lag time between when messages are posted and when they appear in the Archives.

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