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Frequently Asked Questions


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Registration Questions
Is your site a secure site?
Do you accept American Express or Discover credit cards?
What if I prefer to fax in my registration?
What do I do if I do not want to fax my credit card number?
How can I get my address to fit in the number of fields (yellow boxes) provided on the registration form?
How do I list a country on the nametag if I do not know what country my ancestors were from?
What identification is needed that allows a registered attendee into the conference lectures and other events?
What if my spouse/companion wants to attend a fee-linked event, but is not going to attend the conference?
What does a non-registered companion need as identification in order to attend the banquet?
After seeing the sessions offered, my spouse decided he wants to attend the conference. I am able to add fee-based events, but how can I add my spouse?
Will There Be A Kosher Offering For Conference Meals?
Do the conference lectures and other events go into the evening hours?
How do I sign up for the lecture sessions and other Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings?
How Do I Sign Up For the Special Interest Group (SIG) Luncheons?
What are the times of the SIG (Special Interest Group) meals? Will they conflict with the conference sessions?
I am researching a particular area and would like to be at the luncheon but will not be eating. Can I attend without paying the fee for the meal?
This is my first conference. I read about the banquet, but do not understand what this is about. Is it a key part of things, or is it just a side event?
Why haven't I received a confirmation letter?
Can I make changes to my Conference registration?
How can I make additions to my registration?
How may I cancel my registration?
Registration Check-In
I cannot attend the whole conference, but hope to attend for one or two days. Since I won't know until that week if I can arrange to do that, can I register on the same day I want to attend?
I will be arriving Sunday afternoon. How can I sign-in at that time and get my nametag and conference bag?
I will be arriving at the hotel after Sunday registration closes. How will I be able to attend the Opening Session and Reception without an identification badge?
I will be arriving at the hotel Monday evening, after registration closes. How can I get my registration material and identification badge in order to attend the evening events?
Hotel Reservations
Unfortunately, I cannot attend the conference, but am volunteering to help in the Hospitality room on Sunday. How do I get access to that area?
How do I make a reservation at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center?
What do I do if all the rooms reserved for the conference at the Salt Lake City Center Hilton are booked when I try to make a reservation?
What if I have to cancel or change my hotel reservation?
How can I find roommates to share a room and split expenses?
How can I register if I do not know yet who my roommates will be?
As an abstract submitter and potential speaker, how do I book rooms at the hotel?
What can I do if my credit card expires before the time of the conference?
Hotel Accommodations
Is the hotel able to accommodate someone with a disability?
How large are the hotel guest rooms?
I need a refrigerator in my room. How much will that cost?
Is there internet access from the guest rooms at the hotel?
What amenities does the Hilton Salt Lake City Center have?
Where is the closest minyan to pray on Shabbat? Will there be morning prayer aervices during the conference?
Are there Kosher restaurants in Salt Lake City?
Travel to Salt Lake City
How do I travel to Salt Lake City?
How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
Planning For My Trip to Salt Lake City
What will the weather be like in Salt Lake City?
Family History Library
How do I prepare for my trip to the Family History Library?
What are the hours of the Family History Library?
Is the Family History Library walkable from the hotel?
Getting to the Family History Library
Will There Be An Orientation to the Family History Library?
How does the scheduling of the Conference between 17th of Tammuz (July 3, 2007) and 9th of Av (July 24, 2007) impact the observant?
What accommodations will be made by the Conference for participants with disabilities?
What medical services are available in case of medical emergency?
Will I be able to purchase a syllabus if I don't attend the Conference?
Will there be tours before and after the conference?
Will there be acess to at the conference?
Will I be able to "Stay Connected" at the conference?
Will there be recordings of the conference available for purchase?
Whom do I ask about other more general questions?