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IAJGS Achievement Awards

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All awards, will be subject to the specific criteria as outlined and must be submitted in accordance with the following general rules:

  All nominations must and may only be submitted by a member organization of the IAJGS.

  Current IAJGS Board members and the Award Committee members are not eligible for awards.

  Nominations must specify for which award the person or organization is being nominated and must include the specified information as required for that award.

  Nominations must include the name, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, if applicable, for the organization making the nomination (including contact name) and for the person or group being nominated.

  Only completed application will be considered by the committee.

  Each application for nomination will be examined on its own individual merit.

  All entries must be submitted by April 17, Annually

  Nominations should be made using the one-step form at Steve Morse's website. All members of the awards committee will be automatically notified whenever someone submits that form.  If the use of this form presents a significant hardship, please notify the committee chair.

  The Achievement Awards Committee consists of five members, two from the IAJGS board and three representatives of member organizations. IAJGS Board members may not serve for two consecutive years on the Committee; the others may not serve more than once in three years. The committee is appointed by the President with Board approval.

Nominations should be made using the one-step form at Steve Morse's website. Any nominations posted on any discussion group or other location will not be considered. All nominating material, except when submitted by e-mail, should be supplied in five copies.

If providing 5 hardcopies is a significant hardship, please contact  the committee chair to determine whether an alternative is feasible.
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