Bibliography of

North American Jewish Community Books



  1. A review of the Jewish colonists in Barbados in the year 1680 – Wilfred S. Samuel. London, Purnell & sons, ltd., 1936
  2. A synopsis of the history of the Jews of Curaçao from the day of their settlement to the present time – Curazao, Impr. de la libreria, 1897
  3. Cemetery Epitaphs in an Article by Dr. John Hartog, 1700-1825 – John Hartog, SLC, Filmed by the GS of Utah, 1977 (on microfilm)
  4. Cemetery Inscriptions, 1700-1825, Saint Eustatius Jewish Cemetery – Saint Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles, Cincinnati, American Jewish Archives, 1970
  5. Guidebook: the historic synagogue of the United Netherlands Portuguese Congregation "Mikvé Israel-Emanuel" of Curaçao – edited by Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin. Cover Title: Synagogue guidebook, Curaçao?: s.n., 1964?
  6. History of the Jews of the Netherlands Antilles – Isaac S. and Suzanne A. Emmanuel. Cincinnati, American Jewish Archives, 1970
  7. Jewish Birth Register of Kingston, Jamaica – Cincinnati, American Jewish Archives, 1972 (on microfilm)
  8. Jewish Monumental Inscriptions in Barbados – Eustace M. Shilstone
  9. Jews in the Caribbean - evidence on the history of the Jews in the Caribbean zone in colonial times – compiled by Zvi Loker, Jerusalem, Misgav Yerushalayim, Institute for Research on the Sephardi and Oriental Jewish Heritage, 1991
  10. Joodse Dokumenten, 1722-1831, Portugees Joodse Gemeente – Curacao, SLC, Filmed by the GS of Utah, 1948 (on microfilm)
  11. Joodse Dokumenten, 1780-1817 – Joodse Gemeente, Sint Eustatius, Sint Martin, Saba, Netherlands Antilles, SLC, Filmed by the GS of Utah, 1948 (on microfilm)
  12. Marriages Performed in Amsterdam, Curacao or St. Eustatius of Couples (one or both) Born in North America (1717-1796) – SLC, Filmed by the GS of Utah, 1977 (on microfilm)
  13. Minorities and power in a black society: the Jewish community of Jamaica – Carol S. Holzberg, Lanham, MD, North-South Pub. Co., 1987
  14. Monumental inscriptions in the burial ground of the Jewish synagogue at Bridgetown, Barbados – Transcribed with an introduction by E.M. Shilstone
  15. Notes on the history of the Jews in Barbados – New York? 1909
  16. Precious stones of the Jews of Curacao, Curacaon Jewry 1656-1957 – Isaac Samuel Emmanuel New York, NY, Bloch Publishing Co, 1957
  17. Regiser Books of Births and Marriages, abt. 1785-1853, English and German Synagogue – Kingston, Jamaica, Cincinnati, American Jewish Archives, 1975 (on microfilm)
  18. Register of Deaths, 1824-1825, Kaal Kadosh Shahar Ashamaim – Kingston, Jamaica, SLC, Filmed by the GS of Utah, 1977 (on microfilm)
  19. St. Thomas, Virgin Islands: Record of Jews form Various Sources – SLC, Filmed by the GS of Utah, 1977 (on microfilm)
  20. The Jewish Community of Cuba – Boris Sapir translated by Simon Wolin. New York, NY, Jewish Theological Seminary Press, 1948
  21. The Jews of Jamaica: Tombstone Inscriptions 1663-1880 – by Richard David Barnett, Jerusalem, Ben Zvi Institute, 1997
  22. The Sephardics of Curaçao. A study of socio-cultural patterns in flux – By Frances P. Karner. Foreword by H. Hoetink. Assen, Van Gorcum, 1969
  23. Tropical diaspora: the Jewish experience in Cuba – Robert M. Levine. Gainesville, FL, University Press of Florida, 1993