Bibliography of

North American Jewish Community Books



  1. A historical review of the Jewish Community Center of Wilmington, Delaware, inc., 1901-1965 Harry Bluestone, Wilmington, DE, Jewish Community Center, 1971
  2. Becoming American, remaining Jewish: the story of Wilmington, Delaware's first Jewish community, 1879-1924 Toni Young. Newark, DE, University of Delaware Press; London: Associated University Presses, 1999
  3. Delaware and the Jews Toni Young, JHS of Delaware 1979
  4. Delaware Jewry: the formative years 1872-1889 M. David Geffen Wilmington, DE, Delaware Historical Society, 1975
  5. History of the Jew in Delaware and of men and women who love their neighbors as themselves Wilmington, DE, A. R. Saylor printing company, 1922
  6. In Celebration of Freedom Jewish Federation of Delaware, Wilmington, DE, 1990
  7. Jewish cemeteries of the Delmarva Peninsula: a burial index for Delaware & Maryland's Eastern Shore Julian H. Preisler. Westminster, MD, Family Line Publications, 1995
  8. Jewish Delaware: history, sites, communal services, history and sites Bernard Postal, Lionel Koppman; research, editing and layout, David Geffen; communal services, Paula Lehrer, Ellen Meyer; photographs, Howard Shapiro
  9. Off the capes of Delaware, stories of American Jewish heroes Benjamin W. Blandford, Cincinnati, OH, The Riverdale Press, 1940
  10. Study of the Jewish Population in Northern Delaware (a report of the Committee on Jewish Population Survey) Wilmington, DE, The Committee, 1962
  11. Temple Beth Shalom fifty-year historical record, 1922-1972 Wilmington, DE, The Temple, 1973?