Bibliography of

North American Jewish Community Books



  1. A guide to church records in Louisiana, 1720-1975 - Indexes to Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish churches in Louisiana – Donald J. Hebert, Eunice, LA, 1975
  2. A social and economic study of the New Orleans Jewish community – Julian B. Feibelman, Philadelphia, PA, 1941
  3. An index of "Four score and eleven," a history of the Jews of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, 1828-1919 – Martin I. Hinchin, Alexandria, LA, 1987
  4. Civil War Diary of Clara Solomon: Growing Up in New Orleans, 1861-1862 – Elliott Ashkenazi, Louisiana State University Press, 1995
  5. History of the Jews of Louisiana – New Orleans, LA, 1903
  6. Inventory of the church and synagogue archives of Louisiana. Jewish congregations and organizations – Prepared by the Louisiana Historical records survey, Division of Community Service Programs, Work Projects Administration, The Dept. of Archives, Louisiana State University, University, LA, 1941
  7. Profile of a Community: a sociological study of the New Orleans Jewish community – Leonard Reissman., New Orleans, LA, Jewish Federation of New Orleans, 1958.
  8. The Business of Jews in Louisiana, 1840-1875 – Elliott Ashkenazi, Tuscaloosa, AL, University of Alabama Press, 1988
  9. The early Jews of New Orleans – Bertram Wallace Korn, Waltham, MA, American Jewish Historical Society, 1969
  10. The eternal stranger; a study of Jewish life in the small community – Benjamin Caplan, New York, NY, Bookman Associates, 1957
  11. The Jews in Louisiana – Leo Shpall, New Orleans, LA, Steeg Print. & Pub. Co., 1936
  12. Time’s Tapestry – Four Generations of a New Orleans Family – Leta Weiss Marks, Baton Rouge, LA, Louisiana State University Press, 1977