Bibliography of

North American Jewish Community Books



  1. A history of Congregation Shearith Israel of Baltimore, on the threshold of a century Arnold Blumberg. Baltimore, MD, The Congregation, 1970
  2. A pictorial history of Maryland Jewry Abraham Dave Glushakow, Baltimore, MD, Jewish Voice Pub. Co, 1955
  3. And so they came: the Jewish experience of settlement in Maryland, 1656-1929 the inaugural exhibit of the Jewish Heritage Center of the Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, Inc., Baltimore, MD, October 25, 1987-June 19, 1988
  4. Baltimore - Direct. Jewish social directory ... a compedium of names and addresses of membners of the Jewish community of Baltimore no date shown
  5. Beneath the clustered Spires Paul and Rita Gordon, Hagerstown, MD, Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co, 1971 a history of the Jewish community of Frederick
  6. Centennial of eastern European Jewish immigration, 1882-1982: exploring the immigrant experience of Baltimore as a gateway city: lecture delivered to the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Rockville, Maryland, on Sunday, May 16, 1982 Avrum K. Rifman., Baltimore, MD, A.K. Rifman, 1982
  7. Jewish Baltimore, MD, a family album Gilbert Sandler. Baltimore, MD, Johns Hopkins Univ. in association with the Jewish Museum of Maryland, 2000
  8. Maryland bicentennial Jewish book A. D. Glushakow. Baltimore, MD, Jewish Voice Pub. Co., 1975
  9. Maryland tercentenary Jewish book... a historical compendium depicting the Jewish contribution to the development of Maryland Baltimore, MD, 1934
  10. Statistical data of the Jewish religious schools of Baltimore, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA, 1909
  11. Synagogues, temples, and congregations of Maryland: 1830-1990 by Earl Pruce, Baltimore, MD, Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, 1993
  12. The chronicle of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, 1830-1975 Rose Greenberg., Baltimore, MD, The Congregation, 1976
  13. The civil status of the Jews in Maryland, 1634-1776 Baltimore, MD, 1894
  14. The Elite Hebrew directory, or Visiting register for the year 18 19 Baltimore, MD, P. E. Crowl & co., 18 - 19
  15. The Jews beneath the clustered spires Paul and Rita Gordon., Hagerstown, MD, Hagerstown Bookbinding & Printing Co., 1971
  16. The Jews of Baltimore, MD, an historical summary of their progress and status as citizens of Baltimore from early days to the year nineteen hundred and ten Isidor Blum,. Baltimore, MD, Washington Historical Review Pub. Co, 1910
  17. The legacy of a liberal: the miracle of Har Sinai Congregation as it is recounted on the one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary Abraham Shusterman. Baltimore, MD, Har Sinai Congregation, 1967
  18. The making of an American Jewish community; the history of Baltimore Jewry from 1773 to 1920 Isaac M. Fein, Philadelphia, PA, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1971
  19. The pre-planned Jewish community of Columbia, Howard County, Maryland: a history of Howard County Jewry, 1890-1986 Myer Kuritzky, Columbia, MD, Copytronics Reproduction Center, 1987
  20. Traders and transports: the Jews of colonial Maryland Eric L. Goldstein. Baltimore, MD, Jewish Historical Society of Maryland, 1993