Bibliography of

North American Jewish Community Books



  1. 1975 community survey: a study of the Jewish population of Greater Boston – Floyd J. Fowler, Jr. Boston, MA, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, 1977
  2. A chronicle of Boston Jewry: from the colonial settlement to 1900 – Albert Ehrenfried, 1963
  3. A new beginning: the Jews of historic Lowell, Massachusetts – Shirley Kolack. New York, NY, P. Lang, 1997
  4. Acculturation, Group Survival and the Ethnic Communite.  A Social History of the Jewish Community of Brookline – Bruce Arlan Philipps, Ann Arbor, MI, Univ. Microfilms, 1975
  5. Boston Boy (growing up Jewish in Boston in the 1930s and 40s) – N. Hentoff, New York, NY, A.A.Knopf, 1986
  6. Boston's Jewish community: the 1985 CJP demographic study – Sherry Israel., Boston, MA, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, 1987
  7. Boston--where it all began: an historical perspective of the Boston Jewish community – Isaac M. Fein, Boston, MA, Boston Jewish Bicentennial Committee, 1976
  8. Bridging Three Worlds (Hungarian-Jewish Americans 1848-1914) – Robert Perlman, MA, 1991
  9. Brookline: the evolution of an American Jewish suburb – Bruce A. Phillips. New York, NY, Garland Pub., 1990
  10. Early Jewish residents in Massachusetts – Baltimore, MD, 1915
  11. Experiencing Jewish Boston –  Brigite S. Grossman, Boston, MA, Jewish Community Center of Greater Boston, 1981
  12. First a Dream: The History of Boston’s Jewish Hospitals 1896-1928 – Arthur J. Linenthal, M.D. Beth Israel Hospital/Harvard Medical School Library, 1990
  13. Growth and Achievement: Temple Israel 1854-1954 – Arthur Mann, foreword by Oscar Handlin, Boston, MA, Temple Adath Israel, 1954
  14. Guide to Jewish Boston and New England – edited by Steven Feldman & the staff of Genesis 2. Cambridge, MA Genesis 2, 1986
  15. Jews in a changing neighborhood: the study of Mattapan – Yona Ginsberg. New York, NY, Free Press, 1975
  16. Jews in Berkshire County – Pink Horwitt, in collaboration with Bertha Skole, Williamstown, MA, 1972
  17. Jews in New England – Historical Study of the Jews in Massachusetts – Samuel S. Broches, New York, NY, Bloch Publishing Co., 1942
  18. Resources for Jewish genealogy in the Boston area – Warren Blatt, Boston, MA, Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston, 1996
  19. Starting over: the formation of the Jewish community of Springfield, Massachusetts, 1840-1905, – James A. Gelin. Lanham, MD, University Press of America, 1984
  20. The early Jewish community of Boston's North End – Arnold A. Weider, with an introduction by Jerome Himelhoch., Waltham, MA, Brandeis University, 1962
  21. The Early Years of the Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Boston – Robert E. Segal, Boston, MA, Jewish Community Relations, 1985.
  22. The First Jew: Prejudice and Politics in an American Community 1900-1932 (Malden, Mass.) – Richard Klayman, Malden, MA, Old Suffolk Square Press, 1985
  23. The Jewish Community of Boston’s North End: A Sociologically Oriented Study of an Eastern European Immigrant Community – Arnold A. Wieder, Waltham, MA, Brandeis University, 1962.
  24. The Jewish community of Cape Ann: an oral history – compiled by Sarah V. Dunlap, et al.. Gloucester, MA, Cape Ann Jewish Community Oral History Project, 1998
  25. The Jewish guide to Boston and New England – edited by Rosie Rosenzweig. Boston, MA, Jewish Advocate, 1995
  26. The Jews of Boston, MA, essays on the occasion of the centenary (1895-1995) of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston –Jonathan D. Sarna & Ellen Smith, Boston, MA, The Philanthropies; Boston, Distributed by Northeastern University press, 1995
  27. The Jews of New England (Other than Rhode Island) – Leon Huhner, Baltimore, MD, Lord Baltimore Press, 1903
  28. Vignettes of early days in the Jewish community of Great Barrington, Massachusetts – Shifra R. Deykin. Great Barrington, MA, Attic Revivals Press, 1987
  29. Water Street: world within a world – Norma Feingold; with an appendix by Nancy Sadick, Worcester, MA, Worcester Historical Museum, 1983