Bibliography of

North American Jewish Community Books

Rhode Island


  1. Family connections: a history of Italian and Jewish immigrant lives in Providence, Rhode Island, 1900-1940 Judith E. Smith. Albany, NY, State University of New York Press, 1985
  2. Jewish Americans: three generations in a Jewish community Sidney Goldstein and Calvin Goldscheider. Lanham, MD, University Press of America, 1985, 1968
  3. Lopez of Newport: Colonial American Merchant Prince Stanley F. Chyet, Detroit, MI, Wayne State University Press, 1970
  4. Temple Emanu-El, the first fifty years, 5684-5734 editor, David Horvitz., Providence, RI, The Temple, 1975?
  5. The Greater Providence Jewish community; a population survey Providence, RI, Sponsored by the General Jewish Committee of Providence, 1964
  6. The Jews in Rhode Island : a brief history Geraldine S. Foster, Providence, RI, Heritage Commission, 1985
  7. The Jews of Newport by Leon Huhner, 1908
  8. To Bigotry no Sanction A Jewish Schrine in America, 1658-1958 (Truro Synagogue) Morris Gutstein, New York, NY, Bloch, 1958