Bibliography of

North American Jewish Community Books



  1. A Homeland in the West Utah Jews Remember Eileen Hallet Stone, Salt Lake City, UT, The University of Utah Press, 2001
  2. A Tapestry of Judaism--an historical portrait KUED; executive producer, Allyson Beecher; produced & directed by J. Scott Iverson; written by J. Scott Iverson, Mark Layton, United States, PBS, 1984
  3. Back to the soil: the Jewish farmers of Clarion, Utah, and their world Robert Alan Goldberg; with a foreword by Charles S. Peterson, Salt Lake City, UT, University of Utah Press, 1986
  4. History of the Jews in Utah and Idaho Juanita Brooks, Salt Lake City, UT, Western Epics, 1973
  5. Jews of Salt Lake City L. Watters, Salt Lake City, UT, 1975
  6. Jews of the American West Moses Rischin and John Livingston, Detroit, MI, Wayne State University Press, 1991
  7. Life, More Sweet that Bitter - story of a Russian Jewish immigrant to Salt Lake City Warshaw, Maurice. Salt Lake City, UT, Kelsch & Associates, 1975
  8. Mormon and Jew: A Meeting on the American Frontier Zucker, Louis C., Provo, UT, 1961
  9. Pioneer Jews - A New Life in the Far West Harriet and Fred Rochlin, Houghton Miflin Co., Boston, MA, 1984
  10. The Pioneer Jews of Utah Leon L. Watters and Louis C. Zucker, New York, NY, American Jewish Historical Society, 1952