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If you’ve reached this section of the website, you must be a member interested in hosting or co-hosting an IAJGS conference in the future.

As a single host, you will take the lead but will be working in cooperation with the IAJGS.

As a co-host, your organization will work with IAJGS to determine your level of participation.

For over three decades, IAJGS has produced successful annual international conferences.  The conferences enhance all our research efforts through lectures, workshops, and networking.  We appreciate your decision to apply. The work will be hard but the results will be well worth it. Together we will add yet another successful conference to the long list of previous successes.

Requests are accepted up to seven years in advance but must be submitted at least three years prior to the date requested. Please download the Single Host application form, fill out and submit it to with all pertinent attachments. The Co-Host application will be available in the future.

You will be contacted to discuss your application and have the opportunity to learn more about hosting or co-hosting a conference.  If all parties are agreeable, a contract will be drawn up and signed.


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