IAJGS 2013 Boston -- SHARE Fair

Yefim A. Kogan, Head of Bessarabia SIG (left)
Florence Schumacher, Publicity & Marketing Committee Chair (right) — IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy SHARE Fair

One of the major responsibilities of the IAJGS is to facilitate and coordinate annual conferences on Jewish Genealogy. These conferences are of great value not only to those who attend but to the Jewish genealogical community as a whole. The research and preparations for each conference and the presentations made add to and enhance knowledge and learning. Each year, many Jewish Genealogical Societies present programs for their members based on information acquired at the conference. They also often publish articles in their periodicals based on materials shared at these Seminars.

Starting with the 2013 conference, all IAJGS international conferences on Jewish genealogy will be solely-hosted by IAJGS or co-hosted by IAJGS and a local member organization or organizations, unless otherwise decided by the IAJGS Board.

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