Past Boards

The Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (AJGS) came into being at the 1988 Conference in Washington D.C. During its first year, the Board was somewhat informal. Gary Mokotoff recalls that Jon Stein acted as president, and that he was on the Board. He could not recall other Board members. Its first formal Board was established at the 1989 Conference in Philadelphia, and included four officers. Jon Stein was recognized as the first president, though this was honorary. The AJGS was incorporated in NJ on 31 August 1989. The Bylaws were changed June 1993 to include “up to” four at-large members. They were further changed July 1998 to allow for six at-large members. At that time, “International” was formally added to the name of the association.

At present, all board members are elected for two-year terms, officers in odd years and directors in even years. Should a vacancy occur, it is filled by an election within the board. To continue on the board, any such board member must stand for election at the immediate next annual meeting. Officers elected at an annual general meeting in even years and directors elected in odd years serve only a one-year term. Officers and directors elected at an annual meeting assume their positions at the conclusion of the meeting.

2016 – 20172015 – 20162014 – 20152013 – 2014
PresidentMarlis HumphreyMarlis Humphrey
Vice PresidentKen BravoJan Meisels Allen*
SecretaryMark NichollsMark Nicholls
TreasurerPaul SilverstonePaul Silverstone
Past PresidentMichael GoldsteinMichael Goldstein
At-largeDebbie LongJackye Sullins
At-largeShipley MunsonKahlile Mehr*
At-largeQuinton AtkinsonVACANT
At-largeDaniel HorowitzDaniel Horowitz
At-largeGarri RegevVACANT
At-largeNolan AltmanNolan Altman

2012 – 20132011 – 20122010 – 20112009 – 2010
PresidentMichael GoldsteinMichael GoldsteinMichael GoldsteinMichael Goldstein
Vice PresidentJan Meisels AllenJan Meisels AllenMichael BrennerMichael Brenner
SecretaryJoel SpectorJoel SpectorJoel SpectorJoel Spector
TreasurerPaul SilverstonePaul SilverstonePaul SilverstonePaul Silverstone
Past PresidentAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder Lee
At-largeJackye SullinsJackye SullinsJackye SullinsJackye Sullins
At-largeKahlile MehrKahlile MehrKahlile MehrKahlile Mehr
At-largeJay SageJay SageJay SageBill Israel
At-largeDaniel HorowitzDaniel HorowitzDaniel HorowitzDaniel Horowitz
At-largeMark NichollsMark NichollsJan Meisels AllenJan Meisels Allen
At-largeNolan AltmanNolan AltmanNolan AltmanNolan Altman

2008 – 20092007 – 20082006 – 20072005 – 2006
PresidentAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder Lee
Vice PresidentMichael BrennerMichael BrennerMichael BrennerMichael Brenner
SecretaryJoel SpectorJoel SpectorJoel SpectorJoel Spector
TreasurerMichael PosnickMichael PosnickMichael PosnickMichael Posnick
Past PresidentHal BookbinderHal BookbinderHal BookbinderHal Bookbinder
At-largeJackye SullinsMarcia MeyersMarcia MeyersEllen Shindelman Kowitt
At-largeKahlile MehrFlorence Elman*Florence ElmanFlorence Elman
At-largeBill IsraelMartha Lev-Zion*Martha Lev-ZionMartha Lev-Zion
At-largeDaniel HorowitzDaniel SchlyterDaniel SchlyterDaniel Schlyter
At-largeJan Meisels AllenJan Meisels AllenJan Meisels AllenJan Meisels Allen
At-largePaul SilverstonePaul SilverstonePaul SilverstonePaul Silverstone

2004 – 20052003 – 20042002 – 20032001 – 2002
PresidentHal BookbinderHal BookbinderHal BookbinderHal Bookbinder
Vice PresidentMichael BrennerMichael BrennerAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder Lee
SecretaryJoel SpectorJoel SpectorJoel SpectorJoel Spector
TreasurerMichael PosnickMichael PosnickMichael PosnickMichael Posnick
Past PresidentHoward MargolHoward MargolHoward MargolHoward Margol
At-largeEllen Shindelman KowittEllen Shindelman KowittMichael BrennerMichael Brenner
At-largeFlorence ElmanAnthony JosephAnthony JosephAnthony Joseph
At-largeMartha Lev-ZionMartha Lev-ZionMartha Lev-ZionGarry Stein
At-largeDaniel SchlyterDaniel SchlyterDaniel SchlyterDaniel Schlyter
At-largeJan Meisels AllenJudith FrazinJudith FrazinJudith Frazin
At-largePaul SilverstoneArnold TolkenArnold TolkenArnold Tolken

2000 – 20011999 – 20001998 – 19991997 – 1998
PresidentHoward MargolHoward MargolKaren FranklinSallyann Sack*
Vice PresidentHal BookbinderHal BookbinderHal BookbinderKaren Franklin
SecretaryMichael PosnickArline Sachs*Saul IssroffSaul Issroff
TreasurerMarilyn NatchezMarilyn NatchezNancy BrantHal Bookbinder
Past PresidentKaren FranklinKaren FranklinBob Weiss*Bob Weiss
At-largeMichael BrennerDavid FielkerDavid FielkerHoward Margol
At-largeAnthony JosephBruce KahnBruce KahnBruce Kahn
At-largeGarry SteinGarry SteinHoward MargolHarold Tapper
At-largeDaniel SchlyterFred DavisArline SachsArline Sachs
At-largeAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder LeeAnne Feder Lee
At-largeArnold TolkenGladys PaulinRob Sieltiel*

1996 – 19971995 – 19961994 – 19951993 – 1994
PresidentBob WeissBob WeissGary MokotoffGary Mokotoff
Vice PresidentRolf LedererRolf LedererRolf LedererLaura Klein*
SecretarySteve SiegelSteve SiegelBernard KouchelRolf Lederer
TreasurerHal BookbinderHal BookbinderFreya MaslovFreya Maslov
Past PresidentGary MokotoffGary MokotoffJon SteinJon Stein
At-largeHoward MargolNancy ArbieterHal BookbinderHal Bookbinder
At-largeLinda CantorLinda CantorScott MeyerScott Meyer
At-largeScott MeyerScott MeyerJonathan SmithJonathan Smith
At-largeArline SachsArline SachsRenee SteinigRenee Steinig

1992 – 19931991 – 19921990 – 19911989 – 1990
PresidentGary MokotoffGary MokotoffGary MokotoffGary Mokotoff
Vice PresidentLaura KleinLaura KleinSuzan WynneSuzan Wynne
SecretaryRolf LedererRolf LedererLaura KleinLaura Klein
TreasurerFreya MaslovFreya MaslovFreya MaslovFreya Maslov
Past PresidentJon SteinJon SteinJon SteinJon Stein

* Board members who did not complete terms to which they were elected:

  • Kahlile Mehr resigned in April 2014, Garri Regev was appointed
  • Jan Meisels Allen resigned in November 2013, Nolan Altman was appointed
  • Jay Sage resigned in August 2013, Quinton Atkinson was appointed
  • Paul Silverstone was elected treasurer in August 2009 and Nolan Altman was appointed as Director
  • Florence Elman resigned in November 2007
  • Martha Lev-Zion resigned in September 2007; Bill Israel was appointed
  • Arline Sachs resigned in July 2000
  • Rob Sieltiel resigned in January 2000
  • Sallyann Sack resigned in September 1998
  • Laura Klein passed away in January 1994

International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies