Organizational Material

Use these documents to help you set up your society and promote membership.

IAJGS Leadership Forum

The IAJGS Leadership Forum is a vehicle for discussion among the leaders of IAJGS member societies. Participation is restricted to presidents, newsletter editors, webmasters, and board members of of those societies plus such individuals as are nominated by the societies’ presidents or chairs, who should send their nominations to the Leadership Forum moderator. Archive of past posts is here.

Selected Websites of Genealogical Interest

We have compiled a list of useful websites related to genealogy.

Yearbook of Jewish Genealogical Societies

The Yearbook of Jewish Genealogical Societies contains updated information about over one hundred organizations involved in Jewish genealogy, providing a synopsis of activities during the past year and the latest organizational contact information.

North American Jewish Community Books

This bibliography (click here to access) was compiled and edited by Hal Bookbinder & Joan Rimmon. It was included in Yearbook 2000, the syllabus of the 20th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, July 2000, Salt Lake City. If you are aware of additional books to be added to this bibliography, please email the information to Hal Bookbinder.

International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies