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HÖCHBERG | bayern-bavaria - International Jewish Cemetery Project HÖCHBERG (HOECHBERG): 97204 Bavaria, Lower Franconia (Gerz, Peters).

DISTRICT: Würzburg (Wuerzburg).

LOCATION OF CEMETERY: on Am Trieb street (A) actual location 30 yds further, on the right (Detail).

IN USE: From 1821 - oldest gravestone dated 1824.

NUMBER OF GRAVESTONES: More than 300 gravestones, many very old.



  • Israel Schwierz: Steinerne Zeugnisse jüdischen Lebens in Bayern - refer to Sources below.

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  • Theodor Harburger: Die Inventarisation jüdischer Kunst und Kulturdenkmäler in Bayern. publ.by Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem and the Jüdischen Museum Franken-Fürth & Schnaittach. Fürth 1998 vol. 2; for Höchberg see page 296 (LBI).


  • The cemetery grounds were acquired in 1821 and extended in 1875. The Höchberg community used the Allersheim Jewish cemetery for their burials prior to 1882/83. A dry-stone wall surrounds the cemetery, with a double iron gate. The Höchberg cemetery was the preferred final Place of Rest for the Rabbis of Würzburg.

  • Desecration took place in 1938 and in 1994. The cemetery is well-tended.

SOURCE: Alemannia Judaica and Schwierz, page 71-72 (Schwierz LBI).

(Researched and translated from German November 2009)

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