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# Name Position
1   Fran Rosenstein General Inquiries
2   Ellen Renck Project Coordinator, send donated material
3   Kitty Cooper Web site technical support
4   Peter Strauss Coordinator for Germany, send broken links, photos

IAJGS thanks the following for their support of the International Jewish Cemetery Project:


Ellen Sadove Renck, Project Coordinator

Kitty Munson Cooper, HTML Coordinator (Webmaster)

Peter Strauss, Germany Project Leader/Technical Ass't


David M.R. Shulman - Geographic Advisor and Editor

Many volunteers have helped in the past, but special mention for help in converting to the new site goes to

Evamaria Brockhoff, Jason Hallgarten, Joachim Mugdan, Fritz Neubauer, Eva Radding, and Jeri Steele.

Special acknowledgement is made of H. Peter Sinclair, z"l for his extraordinary help with Germany.

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