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Alternate names: Laukuva [Lith], Loikeve [Yid], Ławków [Pol], Lavkova [Rus], Ławkswo, Laukuvos, Laukova, Russian: Лавково. לויקעווע-Yiddish. 55°37' N, 22°14' E, 25 miles N of Tauragė (Tavrig), 25 miles S of Telšiai (Telz). 1900 Jewish population: 418.

This town in western Lithuania under the Republic of Lithuania was the township seat in the county of Taurage. Population: (724 in 1923, 399 in 1841, 753 in 1897. about 800 in 1940, and 1,123 in 1959. First mentioned in historical sources in the 13th century, part of it was granted by Lithuanian King Mindaugas in 1257 to Teutonic Knights. 16th century sources mention Laukuva estate near the present town on the old trade route between Raseiniai and Rietavas. In the 18th century, a weekly open-air market and biannual fair took place. In the 19th century, peasant markets and fairs continued; and the town had an elementary school. Under Soviet rule after WWII, it became a rural community center and collective farm in the district of Silale. The Padievytis Nature Preserve, containing a lake, forest and fortress hill, is some 5 km south.[March 2009]

ONLINE VIDEO: Laukuva-Shilel-Bikavenai-Vainutas (207KB) - Very unique wooden synagogue of Laukuva and stoned of Shilel, old buildings, Jewish graves. [March 2009]

HOLOCAUST: At the beginning of July, all the Zagare area Jews were relocated to one neighbour­hood in Zagare declared a ghetto and cordoned off by an unguarded barbed wire fence. Surviving Jews were brought to Zagare from Kursenai, Papile, Tryskiai, Joniskis, Zeimelis, Kriukai, Radviliskis, Saukenai, Kelme, Tirksliai, Krakes, Joniskelis, Linkuva, Pakruojis, Laukuvas, Lygumai, and other places. A total of seven thousand Jews were gathered in the ghetto during this period. Also, trucks filled with Jews from Pajuris, Shvekshna, Veivirzenai, Rietava, Kvedarna, and Laukuva were brought to Heidekrug labor camp, about 15 km from Neishtot, and shot and buried. [March 2009]

Jewish cemetery.

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