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Alternate names: Liubavas [Lith], Lubowo [Pol], Lyubave [Yid], Lyubovo, Lyubavas, Liubova, Liubavo, Russian: Любава. ליובאַווע-Yiddish. 54°22' N, 23°03' E, in SW Lithuania, 18 miles SW of Marijampolė (Maryampol), 8 miles WSW of Kalvarija, about 1 mile from the modern border with Poland. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), V, pp. 453-454: "Lubowo". A city in Marijampole District, 14 km SW of Kalvarija, founded in the last half of the 18th century. 1897 population: 964. In independent Lithuania, Liubavas was two km from the border with Poland. Continuing clashes took place in the area between irregular Polish forces and Lithuanians. 1923 census: 593 residents with 90 Jews (17%). A secular Jewish community was established with advice from the Ministry of Jewish Affairs in Kovno. September 27, 1923 elections for the Jewish Community Council were held. The number of Jews in Liubavas dwindled until before WWII, only a few families remained. In 1941, the Jews of Liubavas were murdered. [March 2009]


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