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Alternate names: Pajūris [Lith], Payure [Yid], Poyurzhe, Поюрже [Rus], Pojurze [Pol], Payura, Payora, Payuris, Pajūrio, Poyursh. פּאַיורע-Yiddish. 55°27' N, 22°03' E, 42 miles W of Raseiniai (Rasayn), 17 miles NNW of Tauragė (Tavrig), 6 miles W of Šilale (Shilel). 1897 Jewish population: 227.

Trucks filled with Jews from Pajuris, Shvekshna, Veivirzenai, Rietava, Kvedarna, and Laukuva were brought to Heidekrug labor camp, about 15 km from Neishtot, and shot and buried. [March 2009]
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