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Alternate names: Pakuonis [Lith], Pakon [Yid], Pokojnie [Pol], Pakuonio, 54°43' N, 24°03' E, 14 miles SSE of Kaunas (Kovno), 30 miles ENE of Marijampolė (Maryampol). 1923 Jewish population: 51. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), VIII, pp. 540-541: "Pokojnie". [March 2009]

MASS GRAVE: By late July and early August, 1941, all the Jews of the district were arrested. Pakuonis policemen arrested only 14 Jews, who were transferred to Garliava ghetto and were killed there. (J. Stankevičius pressed criminal charges for beating Jews and looting their property against white-band tried to maintain order resulting in his transfer to the Jonava office.) When the Jews were arrested, they registered 45 Jews in Pakuonis Rural District. Soon, over a dozen of them were transported to Garliava ghetto. On August 23, 22 of these Jews paid 3,000 litas and were killed between August 28 and September 4 near the village of Rinkunai, 1 km from Garliava, on the bank of the river Jiesia. [March 2009]

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