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Alternate names: Rudamina [Lith], Urdomin [Pol], Rudamin [Yid], Rudomin, Rudaminos, Rudamynas, רודאַמין-Yiddish . 54°18' N, 23°26' E, 11 miles SE of Kalvarija (Kalwarja), 7 km E of Lazdijai on the road to Kalvarija. (Another 'Rudamina' is 7 miles S of Vilnius.) 1900 Jewish population: fewer than 200. Yizkor: Lite (vol. 1) (New York, 1951) The town was built about 1750 by the famous Polish family of Princess Gawronski. The Gavronskis who owned the estate eventually began to ridicule and persecute the Jews, forbidding them to use  water from the Rudaminelis River flowing through the town. By 1800 Rudamin had about fifty Jews, but in 1899, when one Jew bought the entire area, Rudamin began to flourish. Cultural life was limited as the Jewish residents were laborers, tailors, shoemakers, carpenters, shingle makers, roofers, harness-makers, and the rest peasant farmers. In 1950, Rudamin was impoverished with about 15 Jews and 150 non-Jews. Half those Jews were shopkeepers and the other half poor farmers. Several Rudaminer Jews left for Lazdai, others to Kalvaria, others even further.[March 2009]

CEMETERY: The Jews rented a place for the cemetery because the Gavronskis did not sell land, only leased. Every five years the Jews renewed the lease,  paying the rent promptly. [March 2009]

MASS GRAVE: see Vishey. November 3, 1941 was the mass murder.


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