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See nearby Virbalis cemetery.

Alternate names: Kybartai [Lith], Kibart [Yid], Kibarty [Pol], Kibarti, Kiborty, Kybart, Kibartz, Kybartų, Kībartā, Kibartay, Russian: Кибартай. קיבאַרט - Yiddish. 54°39' N, 22°45' E, on the border with Kaliningrad oblast, 49 miles WSW of Kaunas (Kovno), 25 miles WNW of Marijampolė (Maryampol), 11 miles W of Vilkaviškis (Wyłkowyszki). 1900 Jewish population: 533. Yizkor: Sefer HaZikron LeKehillat Kibart Lita (Haifa, 1988). ShtetLink. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), IV, p. 9: "Kibarty". Kybartai was a very important railway border crossing between Czarist Russia and Germany and during the inter-war period between the Lithuanian Republic and Germany, an import and export route to and from Germany. 1897 Jewish population:1219 (37%) and 1900 Jewish population: 533 (50%). During WWI, the withdrawing Russian army burned the town. During the inter-war period, Kybartai was rebuilt. 1923 Jewish population: 1,253 (20, most engaged in trade or agriculture (vegetables). Some Jews (Dovydas Šenšteinas) owned quite big farms. The Jewish bank 1929 membership was 150. Kybartai Jews had synagogues, a rabbi, and a school instructing in Hebrew. [March 2009]

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