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A small coastal town in western Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean coast, just south of El Jadida.

The Legend of Moul Almay of Sidi Rahal: Sidi Rahal in the Arab neighborhood had a son who fell in love with a young Jewish woman and tried to kidnap her. Rabbi Jacob from Palestine looked him in the eyes, and he fell down dead. Sidi Rahal wanted to exterminate the Jews because of this. Rabbi Jacob told him he could bring his son back to life so that the son could name his real killer. The rabbi tapped the cadaver with his stick. The son got up. He said that it was not the Jews who killed him but God. Then, he died. Rabbi Jacob died the next day. Sidi Rahal protected the Jews from then on. Rabbi Jacob was buried in a gorge called Almay and was named Moul Almay.

In 1946, Madame Elkaim, wife of a Marrakech itinerant trader, worried about her husband, who was away on business in Casablanca. An old man came to the door to tell her not to worry, that her husband would return soon. He returned the next day. The next night, according to the Elkaims, Moul Almay visited them and told them where to find his body. He asked them to build a mausoleum. They did as they were told and built a mausoleum for ten people. The Hilloula takes place the 18 th day of the month of Iyar. Inscribed on the tomb is "Here is the tomb of the rabbi whose name is known in all the cities and towns. The desires of all who come to his tomb will be fulfilled. His name is the Chief Rabbi Jacob Askenazi, known as Moul Almay." Source: Pierre Flamand, Diaspora en Terre d'Islam, Les Communautes Israelites du Sud Marocain , Casablanca, 1957.


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