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Alternate names: Banská Bystrica [Slov], Beszterczebánya [Hun], Neusohl [Ger], Neosolium [Lat]. 48°44' N, 19°09' E, in central Slovakia, 10 miles N of Zvolen (Zólyom). 1900 Jewish population: 1,025. This city in central Slovakia located on the Hron River in a long and wide valley encircled by the Low Tatras, the Veľká Fatra, and the Kremnica Mountains is the most populated city in Slovakia.

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Burial list [January 2010]

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US Commission No. SLCE000135:

Alternate name: Banská Bystrica. Banska Bystrica is located in Banska Bystrica, N of Zvolen at 4844 1909, 101.5 miles ENE of Bratislava. The urban cemetery flat land and isolated. There are inscriptions on the pre-burial house. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all, via masonry wall and a non-locking gate. 100-500 19th-20th century tombstones in original locations. The marble, granite, and sandstone flat shaped tombstones or finely smoothed and inscribed stones have Hebrew and German inscriptions. There is a special monument to Holocaust victims. The site is Jewish cemetery only. Adjacent properties are residential. Occasionally, private visitors stop. In the past, vegetation was cleared. Now, individuals clean or clean occasionally. No threats. [date-pre 1997]

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