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Jewish Genealogy Month

During the Hebrew month of Cheshvan
(October 5th to November 3rd, 2013)

International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS)

Mission Statement: The International Jewish Genealogy Month honors our Jewish ancestors through the pursuit of Jewish family history research.

IAJGS sponsors and supports IJGM and offers an annual poster contest which promotes the IJGM. The IJGM Poster submissions are due by June 20th each year.

From 1999 through 2006, Avotaynu, Inc. promoted Jewish Genealogy Month. In 2007, IAJGS took over the promotion of this special month. It is our hope that our member organizations will take advantage of the International Jewish Genealogy Month to promote Jewish genealogy and publicize their organization and its activities all over the world.

The International Jewish Genealogy month is celebrated during the Hebrew month of Cheshvan. For 2014 the civil dates are October 25 to November 22.

IJGM Committee

The IAJGS board has appointed an International Jewish Genealogy Month (IJGM) committee.

Annual Poster/Flyer Competition

The IAJGS holds an annual competition for a work to be used as either a poster or flyer for announcing and celebrating the International Jewish Genealogy Month. The winning entry will be announced at the IAJGS Annual Meeting.  The artist creating the winning entry will receive free registration for that conference. Click here or scroll down to send your nominations.

The IJGM Poster Competition 2014 appropriately commences on Tu B'Shevat, which is also known as the New Year for Trees. This corresponds to Wednesday January 15 and Thursday January 16 in 2014.

Competition Details

1. Poster/Flyer Design Requirements


  • Size: Tabloid (11"x17")
  • Bleeds or no bleeds are acceptable
  • Reproducible in JPEG, TIF and PNG formats

Must Include:

  • A 3.5" x 3.5 area for the IAJGS logo and the URL ""
  • A 3" x 5" blank area for local society name and contact information
  • The words "International Jewish Genealogy Month: Cheshvan" plus the Hebrew and civil dates for the appropriate year

May Include:

  • The words "Submitted by [name of IAJGS member society]"
  • The artist's signature

Facebook Design Requirements

The main poster image must be capable of being adapted for use on the IAJGS Jewish Genealogy Facebook Page:

Facebook Page Cover Image

The Cover image needs to be at least 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall, otherwise it will get stretched to this larger size.  The image for our Page the image may be uploaded using a RGB JPG file that's 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes. For images with our logo or text content we will, however, probably use a PNG file.

Facebook Event Cover Image

The Event Cover image graphic needs to be 714 pixels wide and 264 pixels tall. The image gets cropped in thumbnail mode to the top centre 176 pixels tall and 264 pixels wide.

Facebook Profile Image

Page profile pictures are square and display at 160x160 pixels on our Page. The image must be at least 180x180 pixels and must be a square image.

2. Who May Submit

  • Only member organizations of the IAJGS may submit an entry.
  • The organization may submit more than one entry.
  • The creator is not required to be a member of the member organization.
  • There is no age requirement for the creator.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by the form below.
  • Entries will not be returned.

3. Who Will Judge

Judging will be done solely by the International Jewish Genealogy Month committee.

4. Submission Requirements

  • The deadline is June 20 each year.
  • Each entry must be submitted as a JPG or PDF file via email attachment to
  • The required application information or completed application form (below) must be included with each entry.
  • You may include artist comments about the poster (this is optional).
  • If no entries are received by the deadline or no entries are judged appropriate, the committee will solicit entries and recommend one to the board for its approval.

5. Announcement of the Winner

The winning design will be announced at the annual IAJGS International Conference and the winning entry will be displayed publicly for the first time at the conference.

6. Release Form

  • The creator of each entry must sign a release form (below) providing exclusive permission to IAJGS to make the poster available in any format and to all those who wish to use it.
  • The winning poster/flyer will be made available on the IAJGS website.

7. The Prize

The winning artist will receive free registration to the IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy at which the entry will be unveiled.

Application Form

The following information about the society that is submitting the entry must be provided:

Name of Society: _________________________________________________________
Name of Society President: _________________________________________________________
Contact Email Address: _________________________________________________________

Artist Release

I hereby grant the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) exclusive rights to use my original work should my work, submitted for consideration in the Jewish Genealogy Month poster/flyer competition, be declared the winning entry.

Name of Artist: _________________________________________________________
Address of Artist: _________________________________________________________
Artist's Phone Number: _________________________________________________________
Artist's Email Address: _________________________________________________________
Artist's Signature: _________________________________________________________

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