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Membership Brochure Template

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International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS)

We hope you will find this template for a membership brochure helpful. Please feel free to copy this and alter the content and format to fit the needs of your Society.

The Jewish Genealogical Society of _____________

(Society's Logo Graphic)

The JGS of __ is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving and disseminating genealogical information, techniques and research tools among people interested in Jewish genealogy and family history. While the majority of members reside in the greater _____ area, the JGS of _____has members (throughout the state, region, country)

Founded in _______, the JGS of ___ has approximately _____ members. Governed by a Board of Directors, in accordance with its by-laws, all members are encouraged to volunteer and participate in the operation of the Society. Anyone interested in Jewish genealogy, regardless of religion, is welcome to become a member.

JGS of ___ is a member of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) connecting its members with over 80 Jewish Genealogical Societies worldwide. (Add here any other affiliations- Jewish Federation of your area, etc.)

JGS of __ has members with a broad-range of genealogical skills and knowledge who are willing to share information with both the beginning and experienced researcher.


The objectives of the JGS of ______

  • encourage Jewish family research
  • educate JGS members and the public on Jewish genealogy with lectures, seminars and workshops
  • stimulate and provide instruction in the use of research methodology and adherence to standards of accuracy and thoroughness
  • promote preservation of and access to Jewish genealogical records and resources

  • Check out our website at


    Meetings are held (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) on the (first, second, third, fourth ___day of the month) at _______. The meetings provide a mix of lectures, workshops and films geared to assist genealogists in searching for their Jewish roots. The meetings also provide the opportunity to network with others researching the same areas and history. (Map Graphic or Directions)


    JGS of __ Library

    JGS of __ has a library of Jewish genealogically relevant reference books, maps, and journals. The library is housed at_______. While the library is non-circulating, arrangements to use the library may be made by contacting the president or librarian at ___________.


    Membership in JGS of ___

    Membership in JGS of __ includes

  • ___ (monthly/quarterly) meetings featuring expert speakers, tutorials and discussions
  • Subscription to JGS __  journal (if relevant)
  • Meeting notices and research tips
  • Linkage to others researching their Jewish roots
  • Assistance in learning to access Internet genealogical resources
  • Assistance in using area research facilities and libraries (if available, e.g. FHC, Jewish Museums, etc.)

    Membership Application

    I/we apply for membership in the Jewish Genealogical Society of _________

    Check one:__________ individual @ $______ +$1 *

    ___________ family @ $ __________+$2*

    Special memberships: lifetime __________ + $__*

    student__________ +$1*

    *$1 per person is a voluntary donation to the IAJGS Stern Grant, granted annually when it recognizes institutions for outstanding work in the creation and availability of resources for Jewish Genealogy.

    Voluntary contribution to programs $________________

    Voluntary contribution to the library fund $ _____________



    Mailing Address: _____________________________________________

    Home Phone: ____________

    E-mail address: _________________

    Areas of interest:_______________________

    Do you have any language or genealogy skills that you would be willing to share with others? ___________________

    How did you learn about the JGS of ___? (Friends, newspapers, synagogue posting, other?) ________________________

    Membership is on an annual basis. If you join mid-year, dues for the full year must be paid.

    Return this form with your check to: JGS of __ at (address of JGS)


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