Election of Board Members

Slate of Directors: The IAJGS Nominating Committee has met, deliberated, and reported the following slate of Directors for the 2020 elections (whose purpose is to elect Directors to a two-year term):

  • Nolan Altman
  • Crista Cowan
  • Lara Diamond
  • Emily Garber
  • Eli Rabinowitz
  • Jarrett Ross

To learn more about the candidates, please view the YouTube video about the slate (click HERE).

If elected, their term begins at the conclusion of the annual meeting (this year to be held electronically on Wednesday, August 12, 2020) and ends at the conclusion of the IAJGS annual meeting two years later.

Electronic voting begins on Thursday, June 18, 2020.

Additional Candidates: Additional candidates for any open elected Board of Directors position may be nominated by four voting representatives. The nominating petition must contain:

  1. the signature of the president or representative of the four IAJGS member organizations, and
  2. the signature of the candidate with a statement granting permission to be nominated for office and agreeing to serve if elected.

Such nominating petitions shall be received by the Board Secretary (via email to secretary@iajgs.org), no later than sixty-five (65) days in advance of the Annual Meeting. That deadline this year falls on Monday, June 8, 2020.

The IAJGS Board of Directors consists of four elected officers, six elected directors, and the immediate past president. Officers are elected for two-year terms in odd years and directors are elected for two-year terms in even years. Board members serve as individuals—not as representatives of any society or group. Serving on the Board of Directors does involve some personal expenses related to travel. (See the IAJGS Governing Documents for details.)

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