Award Nomination Form

The 2021 Awards Committee has been appointed. All of its members can be contacted together at or individually at the addresses listed below. (For the Stern/Stedman Grant Nomination Form, click HERE.)

Please review the Nomination Rules and Criteria before completing this form, and observed the additional instructions within the form.

    Category of Award

    Nominee Information

    Only the first field is required for the form to be sent, but without adequate additional information, the nomination can not be considered.

    For nominations of individuals:

    Nominating Society Information

    Only member organizations of the IAJGS may present nominations for annual IAJGS Achievement Awards on this form.

    All information requested is required for a new nomination. For a nomination update, only the Member Organization, Name, and Email are required.

    Supporting Documentation

    You may upload up to five supporting documents. These may include samples of publications, additional endorsements or testimonies, or other material that you wish considered by the Awards Committee in making its determination.

    Please ensure that all files have unique names and are of type PDF, DOC, or DOCX. Be sure to observe the indicated maximum file sizes. If you need to send more than the maximum, submit the nomination form more than once.

    File 1 (10MB max)  
    File 2 (5MB max)
    File 3 (3MB max)
    File 4 (3MB max)
    File 5 (3MB max)

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