IAJGS Salutes!

Salute! Recipients

  • To provide recognition on an ongoing basis of noteworthy projects, activities and accomplishments relating to Jewish genealogy at any time during the year in addition to the annual IAJGS achievement awards.
  • Recognition is open to non-profit organizations and individuals. Recognition does not disqualify such an organization or individual from being nominated for or receiving any other IAJGS achievement award.
  • For consideration, the project or effort must have been completed since January 1st of the prior year.
  • Segments or phases of a larger project may be considered; however, it is the result from that segment or phase alone which must meet the criteria.
  • Efforts or activities previously recognized by the IAJGS either through this program, through an IAJGS Achievement Award or through the Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern Grant.
  • “For profit” commercial organization.
  • An individual serving on the selection committee is not eligible during their tenure as a committee member. However, an organization to which that individual belongs is not ineligible during that time.
Criteria for Recognition
  • One or more of the following will be used to evaluate efforts and activities:
    • Did the project or activity increase the availability of resources for Jewish genealogy?
    • Did the project or activity demonstrate creative techniques others can use?
    • Did the project or activity increase interest and participation in Jewish genealogy?
  • A "Salute!" may be proposed and submitted by any IAJGS member organization.
  • There is no limit on the number of worthy efforts or activities that may be recognized.
  • Nominations must be submitted to the IAJGS Salute! committee chair (see below). They may be submitted at any time, and recognition will be ongoing throughout the year.
  • Upon receipt of a nomination, the committee will consider it and within 30 days submit its recommendation to the IAJGS President.
  • Upon the endorsement of the president, the organization or individual will be recognized on the IAJGS website.
Submittal data required
  • Name of individual or non-profit organization being nominated.
  • Photo of individual that can be used to publicize the award.
  • Contact information for the individual or non-profit organization being nominated (mailing address and e-mail address).
  • Submitter’s contact information (mailing address and e-mail address).
  • Date when the project or activity was completed.
  • A description in no more than 250 words of why the project or activity satisfies one or more of the criteria described in paragraph 5 above. Your description should be submitted as you would like to it to be used if your nominee receives the award. (The Committee retains the right to edit the description when preparing the final public announcements.)
What do those recognized receive?
  • Recognition on the IAJGS website.
  • Publicity submitted by IAJGS to online digests and newsletters.

The IAJGS Salutes! Committee

Send nominations to the committee chair Doris Loeb Nabel

Thank you for helping us SALUTE! individuals and non-profit organizations that have completed noteworthy projects and activities relating to Jewish genealogy!

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