Salute to Leo Baeck Institute

baecklogoLeo Baeck Institute, We Salute You!

January, 2008 - The Leo Baeck Institute was established in 1955 by the “Council of Jews from Germany” and is named in honor of Rabbi Leo Baeck, the last representative of German speaking Jewry and its last prominent leader before and during the Shoah. The Institute has three centers – in New York, London, and Jerusalem, and an office in Frankfurt. The New York center has a library and archive with one of the largest collection of documents concerning German Jewry. The London office publishes the Yearbook and maintains contact with European scholars. LBI Jerusalem is responsible for the publication Juedisher Almanach and books in Hebrew and German.

More than thirteen years ago, LBI established a department providing genealogical services under the name “family research department” and remains one of the only major research institutions with such a function. Now recognized as a leading authority on German Jewish family history, LBI has assisted hundreds seeking genealogical information and has answered general inquiries as well as those related to specific collections.

LBI publishes Stammbaum magazine, the only English-German Jewish genealogical magazine in print. It also participates in the Obermayer German Jewish History Award program by archiving all materials connected to nominations. LBI also supports educational sessions at IAJGS conferences and provides additional lectures about German-Jewish genealogy all over the world, stirring interest and participation.

Ron Arons, Chair, IAJGS Salutes
with Gary Mokotoff and Elsebeth Paikin