Stern/Stedman Grant Nomination Form

The 2019 Stern Grant Committee Members:

The deadline for all grant nominations is 31 May 2019, 7pm EDT.

Please review the Nomination Rules and Criteria before completing this form. Additional instructions are below in italics.

Grant Category

Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant and John Stedman Memorial Grant

Nominee Information

Organization Being Nominated

Short Name of Project Being Nominated

Provide a description of the project

Lead person of nominee organization

Email address of above person

Phone number of nominee

Address of nominee

Grant Usage

How will you measure the success of the project? What are the goals? What is the scope of the project?

How will the grant tangibly increase the likelihood that the project will be accomplished?

How will the funds be used? Will the Stern/Stedman Grant fund all or part of the project?

How will the project results be made available to the overall community? Will it be offered without charge?

What is the expected timeframe for completion of the project?

Nominator Information

All information requested is required for a nomination. For a nomination update, only the Member Organization, Name, and Email is required.

Nominating Member Organization:
(Choose "other" if nomination does not come from an IAJGS member society.)

If Other Organization, Enter Your Organization Name

Your Name

Office Held in Your Member Organization

Postal Address

Home Phone Number

Work Phone Number

Email Address

Supporting Documentation

You may upload up to five supporting documents at a time. These may include samples of publications, additional endorsements or testimonies, or other material that you wish considered by the Stern Grant Committee in making its determination.

If you have more than five documents, please submit five, then return to this form, select the checkbox at the top to "update an earlier nomination", and submit an additional five at a time until you have submitted all of your documents. You will need to select an award, name your nominee, select a nominating JGS, and provide your name and email for each updated submission.

Please ensure that all files have unique names.

Submit Nomination

Please prove you are human and not a spammer. Type "matzah" in the next box.

Once you hit the submit button, do not close this window until the confirmation page has loaded. Please be patient if you have attached files; they are uploading.

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