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The IAJGS provides a free Webinar System for all members as part of its Member Benefits.

Information about the system can be found at CitrixOnline. Please see the system requirements and watch the videos to familiarize yourself with the GoToWebinar software.

Check-list and Tips for Hosting Webinars

  1. Reserve the date and time for your webinar using the form below.
  2. Arrange with the webinar master (the person who will set up and assist with hosting) to test the connection at the venue and with the equipment you will use.
  3. Log in to the webinar software early, up to 30 minutes, to make sure everything is working on the day of your event.
  4. Your webinar should not last more than 60 minutes including the Q&A.
  5. The webinar master can record the event for you if desired and make the recording available following your session. All credits and copyrights remain with the JGS and the lecturer.
  6. Be sure to obtain permission from the lecturer before broadcasting and recording.
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