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is a list of sessions that will be included on the MP3 Audio CD. Additions or deletions may occur to this list, but will not affect the price of the MP3 CD.

The following The following sessions will also be available for purchase as Individual Sessions on Audio CDs at the conference.


Resources for Jewish Genealogy in Chicagoland  Mike Karsen

Polished Gems: Property Records Cook County, Illinois  Jeanne Bloom

Baron de Hirsch Scholarships to the State Agricultural School at Farmingdale  Rhoda Miller

How I Almost Didn't Find Doda Channa from Tshikago (Chicago?) Rony Golan

Jewish Calendar Demystified  Stephen Morse

Resources for Jewish Genealogical Research at the New Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana  Curt Witcher

Utilizing Archives from the Perspective of Archivist and Researcher  Karen Franklin

Effective Board Management - IAJGS Management Seminar  Adam Shames

Using Pre-1826 Polish Parish Records in Jewish Research Warren Blatt, Debra Kay-Blatt

Genealogical Sources about Southern-German Jews, Part 1: The Pre-Emancipation Period 
Fredrich R. Wollmershäuser

Researching at the Newberry Library  Jack Simpson

Town-Wide Research: Bringing Your Shtetl to Life  David B. Hoffman

Transformative Family Reunions: The Important Role of YOU, the Family Genealogist  Brad Fanta

How the Family History Library Acquires Records from the Former Soviet Sphere  Kahlile Mehr

The International Tracing Service Record Collection  Gary Mokotoff

The Jews of Sing-Sing  Ron Arons

Genealogical Sources about Southern-German Jews, Part 2: The Post-Emancipation Period (until 1933) 
Friedrich R. Wollmershäuser

Litvak Migratory Decisions in the 19th Century and Their Consequences  Ruth Leiserowitz

The Anatomy of a Family Reunion  William E. (Bill) Israel

The Jewish Agriculturalists' Aid Society: Philanthropy and Jewish Farm Settlement in the Heartland  Sandy Rikoon

U.S. State Court Research  Diane M. Freilich

"Erased: Vanishing Traces of Jewish Galicia in Present-Day Ukraine"  Omer Bartov

British Migration Records, 1793 - 1960  Nicholas Evans

Comparison of Surname Patterns in Various Regions of the Russian Empire  Alexandre Beider

How to Create Your Family History  Mike Karsen

How to Find 19th-Century Polish-Language Records and Unlock Their Secrets  Judith R. Frazin

Lithuanian Research - Updates, New Projects, Etc.  Howard Margol

Navigating the New York Census with Fewer Tears  Stephen Morse

Choosing Genealogy Software  David M. Kleiman

Federal and State Census 1790 - 1940  Phyllis Kramer

Hiding in Zion - Locating Israeli Family and Their Descendants  Michael Goldstein

History and Genealogy of the Jews of Rhodes and Their Diaspora  Leon Taranto

One-Step Webpages: A Potpourri of Genealogical Search Tools (revised for 2008)  Stephen Morse

Amazing What You Find When Indexing a Newspaper. Case Study of the Palestine Post Website 
Rose Avigael Feldman

City Directory - Unique Uses  Diane M. Freilich

Genes for Genealogists: Genetics, Inheritance, and DNA Made Simple  Nina Sitron

Names Project: The Fate of the Latvian Jewish Community  Ruvin Ferber

Sephardic Surnames: A Mirror of Jewish History  Jeffrey Malka

The Jew in Cinema: From "The Golem" to "Don't Touch My Holocaust"  Omer Bartov

Canada Unspooled - Canadian Immigration, Border Crossings, Censuses, Cemetery, and Other Records Online and Filmed  Hilary Henkin

Forensic Genealogy - CSI Meets Roots  Colleen Fitzpatrick

Jamaican Jews - A 350 Year Old Story  Ainsley Henriques

So You Want Your Own Website  Sarah Christiansen

What Color Ellis Island Search Form Should I Use?  Stephen Morse

Genealogical Research on the Jewish Community of Venezuela  Daniel Horowitz

How My Family Unexpectedly Materialized in Ellis Island Records and So Can Yours  Gary Sandler

Jewish Given Names  Warren Blatt

The SephardicGen Website: Exploring its Extensive Offerings and Databases  Jeffrey Malka

Bring Your Ancestors to Life: Write Their Life Story  Mike Karsen

Etymology of Sephardic Surnames  Alexandre Beider

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, What's New  Stanley Diamond

Looking for Jewish Roots in Moldova  Natalia Alhazov

Marriage Contracts of German Jews  Friedrich R. Wollmershäuser

Poor Jews Temporary Shelters and Their Archival Legacy  Nicholas Evans

Conducting Research at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - Even if You Can't Visit Washington 
Megan Lewis

Cyberspace Yizkor Books/Memorials: Creating Webpage Dedicated to Your Ancestral Towns  Susana Leistner Bloch

The Kishinev Pogrom of 1903: Past and Present Jewish Moldova  Natalia Alhazov

Tracing the Legacy  Karen Franklin

The Jewish Collection at  Crista Cowan

Gazetteers, Maps and Geographic Dictionaries for Jewish Genealogical Research in Poland  Matthew Bielawa

Shanghai Remembered: Stories of Jews Who Escaped to Shanghai from Nazi Europe  Berl Falbaum

The Port Jews of Libau, 1880 - 1914  Nicholas Evans

Books of Residents and Other Lesser Known Polish Sources  Fay Bussgang, Julian Bussgang, Ph.D.

Historical Sources for the History of Jews of the Czech Lands Deposited in Czech Archives  Lenka Matusikova

New Archival Collections at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Other Than ITS!)  Megan Lewis New Tools for Pages of Testimony Research  Logan Kleinwaks

Using Pedigrees to Discover and Track Medical History  Michelle Gilats

Cultural Clues to Family History  David M. Kleiman

Forensic Genealogy - Connections, Connections  Colleen Fitzpatrick

If You Get Stuck Going Backward - Move Forward: Tracing Descendants of Your Ancestors  Crista Cowan

It's Not All Online: Case Studies Using Both Online & Offline Resources to Maximize Results  Alex Friedlander

Playing Hide and Seek in the U.S. Census  Stephen Morse

From DNA to Genetic Genealogy: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask  Stephen Morse

Genetic Gold Mine: Jewish DNA Disorders and Their Role in Refining the Story of the Jews  Jon Entine

Jewish Life in Pre-World War I Courland  Max Michelson

Last Letters from Lódz as a Genealogical Source  Fritz Neubauer

Midwestern Resources for Jewish Genealogy  Gayle Saini

Sharing with Others Online: Email, Mailing Lists, Blogs, Newsletters and Message Boards  Ilene Murray

Ukrainian/Galician Archives: Records, Research and Resourcefulness  Alexander Dunai

Polish Pronunciation and Basic Grammar for Understanding Documents
Fay Bussgang, Julian Bussgang, Ph.D.

Russian Empire Genealogical Primer  Kahlile Mehr

The DNA of Ashkenazi Jewry by Genetic Groups  Bennett Greenspan

Creating One-Step Search Tools  Stephen Morse

Documents of the 1897 General Census of Population of Russian Empire in the Ukrainian Archives  Alexander Dunai

Medical & Genetic Family History: The Role of the Jewish Genealogist  Stanley Diamond

Vienna, Budapest and Prague: Three Great Jewish Communities  Henry Wellisch

JewishGen: Setting Chicago on Fire  Warren Blatt, Michael Tobias, David G. Marwell

An Uneasy Relationship: Jews, Soviets and Russians  Zvi Gitelman

Genealogical Resources in Latin America  Daniel Horowitz

Using the International Tracing Service Records at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Part 1 
Megan Lewis

Argentina: Land of Promise, Tensions and Conflict for the Jews  Victor Mirelman

But... It's Not Where It Is Supposed to Be! Unpolished Gems  Jeanne Bloom

Deep Linking and Deeper Linking: How I Get the Most Out of Existing Search Applications  Stephen Morse

Using the International Tracing Service Records at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Part 2 
Megan Lewis

A Y-DNA Study of 50 Related Families within a Unique Jewish Cluster  Herbert Huebscher and Saul Issroff

Citations Made Simple - Make Them Work for You  Gary Sandler

Reading and Interpreting Cyrillic Documents  Matthew Bielawa

Searching Online Historical Directories: Demonstration  Logan Kleinwaks

Szlepping through Kalisz: Journey of Researching Polish Families Using the Family History Library and JRI - Poland  Banai Feldstein

Using 18th Century Grand Duchy Records for Belarus and Lithuania  Sonia Hoffman

Hands-on Approach to Learning the Cyrillic Alphabets and Reading  Matthew Bielawa

Not Everyone Lived in New York  Gayle Saini

Restoration of Jewish Cemeteries in Eastern Europe  Michael Lozman

Tales from a JGS Help Line  Renee Stern Steinig

Creating and Coordinating a Research Group Based on a Town or Region  Susana Leistner Bloch

Innovative Tools to Connect Families  David Lifferth


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