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This link takes you to a fantastic Philadelphia Resource Guide just completed. Be sure to check it out to prepare for being in Philadelphia and taking advantage of research resources there.  We thank Steve Schecter, Project Coordinator, for making this Guide available and we thank the many individuals who assisted.

We are very pleased to announce the following databases that will be available at no charge in our Resource Room during the conference:
British Newspapers from the British Library (1800-1900 ) Godfrey Library (without Newspaper Archive and World Vital Records)
Guardian and Observer Digital Archives (from 1821 and 1791 respectively)
ProQuest: Available only on Tuesday
The Forward (Newspaper Archives 2003-2009)
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  (on dedicated computers during the following times): Monday 9:00AM-2:00 PM; Tuesday, 9:00AM-noon & 12:30PM- 6:00 PM & 6:30PM- 9PM; Wednesday, 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM & 4:00PM-6:00 PM; Thursday, 9:00 AM- Noon & 2:30-4:00 PM
Vienna IKG database  (on dedicated computers during the following days and times): Sunday,3:00 PM-5:00PM; Monday,11:00AM-12:30 PM; Tuesday, 4 - 7:00 PM- 9:00  M; Wednesday, 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
World Vital
In addition, there will be a folder on each of the Resource Room Computers entitled, "Selected Genealogical Websites". The list  of selected websites is not, nor meant to be, all inclusive. However,  it includes over 70 websites that should be of interest and helpful to the conference attendees' research.   The subfolders include:
       European Websites
       General Interest
       Government Archives With Documents/Index On-Line
       Holocaust Websites
       Israel Websites
       Latin America Websites
       Map Websites
       Newspapers (not covered by those above)
       Sephardic Websites
       South African Websites
       United States Websites

In addition, thanks to a special arrangement with the Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center (PJAC) our conference Research Room will provide access to the following record groups:

1. All of the Philadelphia Jewish Ethnic Bank records. The indices to these records are online at:
Blitzstein Bank -
Lipshutz Bank -
Rosenbaum Bank -
2. HIAS Passenger Lists 1884 - 1892
3. HIAS Arrival Records by Ship
4. HIAS Naturalization Cards
5. HIAS Port Cards
6. HIAS Immigration Records
7. WPA - Jewish Congregation Survey - 1930s

The PJAC at the Urban Archives is prepared to accept conference attendees, on Mon. thru Thurs. (1:00pm - 5:00pm) during the conference week, who wish to access the following record groups:
1. NEIGHBORHOOD CENTRE records regarding aid to families in crisis or with special needs.
2.NATIONAL COUNCIL of JEWISH WOMEN records: These are cards which were created when aiding immigrants in the naturalization process. The records sometimes contain more information than the naturalization documents themselves.

Please be advised that those not attending the conference may still use the Jewish Ethnic Bank Record indices in order to request records directly from PJAC at their new location. Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center at Temple University Urban Archives, Samuel Paley Library, 210 W Berks St, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6088

Good luck in your searching!