Posting Guidelines

The IAJGS Leadership Forum is a moderated list. This means that messages submitted must be reviewed by a moderator and approved before they will be sent out over the list. Messages that do not meet these guidelines will be rejected by the moderator(s).

Table of Contents

Appropriate and Inappropriate Message Topics

As reflected in the name of the Forum, appropriate messages fall into two broad categories: those that relate to official IAJGS business and those that are of clear, direct use to the leadership of IAJGS member societies.

The first broad category, IAJGS business, is fairly straightforward. It may include announcements of IAJGS services and activities (e.g., reports on the activities of the IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee).
The second category is more difficult to define precisely. The key issue is whether the information will be of use to the leaders of societies, either because it helps them develop their societies or because they would want to pass on the information to their members.

Some examples may help.

Inappropriate Message Content

  • Announcements (which amount to advertisements) of upcoming programs or events
  • General genealogical community news that doesn't reach the level where leaders would want to pass it on to their members. There are blogs for this kind of information
  • Discussion that is relevant to only a limited subset of Leadership Forum subscribers (such discussion should be handled by direct email)
  • Messages that comment on other messages without adding useful new information
  • Information about IAJGS conferences from people other than designated conference organizers

Appropriate Message Content

  • Reports on a society's programs or other activities that other societies might wish to offer, with comments on what worked and what could have been improved
  • Requests for help from other Leadership Forum members regarding aspects of running a society (e.g., how much to charge non-members at meetings)
  • Special developments that society leaders would want to know about so that they could inform their members. Such things might include a major new resource that has become available or a limited-time offer of free access to subscription databases
  • Official information about IAJGS International Conferences.
  • Replies to other postings that add further information or clarification to the original posting.

Other Message Requirements

Message Formatting

Unlike the earlier Leadership Forum, this list no longer requires that messages be in plain-text format. You may (and are encouraged to) submit formatted (HTML) messages that contain such features as bold or underlined text, numbered or bulleted lists, hyperlinks, tables, and even images in order to make messages more readable and easier for recipients to absorb. (However, please do not overdo the formatting.)

Subject Line

Use a subject line that is short but clearly conveys the subject of the message.

Replying to Messages

When replying to a message, quote only enough of the original message as is necessary to provide clarity and context.

The REPLY button in your email program will direct your reply message to the person who posted the original message. If you want your reply to go to the entire list, then either change the TO address to that of the list ( or use the REPLY ALL or REPLY LIST button in your email program.

General Netiquette Issues

It should go without saying that messages should always be respectful of others and disagree only in a courteous fashion. Personal attacks, sarcasm, and derogatory comments will not be tolerated.

Please avoid writing whole words in capital letters, as this can be construed as “shouting”.  Words that normally appear all in capitals are acceptable.

How to Submit Messages

Messages are submitted by addressing them to

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