IAJGS Member Organization World Map

Instructions for using this map:
Click on the square icon map icon to the left of "IAJGS Member Organizations" at the top of the map to see the full list of organizations. You can scroll through the list using your mouse. Clicking on any individual society in the list or on the map will provide more information. To close out the list of member organizations, simply click on the square icon once again. At the lower left-hand corner of the map, you can click on the plus or minus sign to zoom in or out. Additional instructions can be found below the map.

International Members    -   USA Members      -     Associate Members

Additional instructions for using this map:

Click on the four-corner square icon map (just above the right-hand corner of the map) to open up a larger map in a new browser tab. In the new, full-sized map, you’ll see the same list of IAJGS Member organizations on the left-hand side along with a magnifying glass in the red bar above the list of organizations. If you click on the magnifying glass, you will have additional search capabilities. If, for example, you type in the zip code of ‘94602’, the map will show Oakland, CA. If you type in the word ‘Toronto’, one of the results will be the JGS of Toronto and the map will show you where it’s located.