Member Benefit Update – Cleveland Conference Announcements

IAJGS Helps to Find New Members for Your Society

The IAJGS Board continues to explore strategies that can help its member organizations add to their own individual membership lists. At the recent annual conference in Cleveland, the Board was able to provide two services that it hopes will find new members. The IAJGS annual conference registration form specifically asks attendees if they are affiliated with a local JGS, and if so, which one. Since many of our recent conferences have been very successful attracting first time conference goers, there have been a significant number of new unaffiliated attendees. Since the 2016 IAJGS Conference in Seattle, the IAJGS has been analyzing the list of registered unaffiliated conference attendees by hometown. In an effort to grow local membership, we then distribute names and contact information to the closest local JGS before the conference. (For people in between two societies, both groups were notified.) Our hope is that presidents can reach out to these prospective members to tell them about the benefits of joining their groups. Feedback from presidents has been positive and we plan to continue the program.

In addition, the conference included Sandy Golden’s presentation, “Does Everyone Know You’re There? How to Use PR to Raise Your Local JGS Profile”. Sandy is the IAJGS PR chair and has a national reputation for a lifetime career in public relations and marketing, including 25 years leading the PR and marketing at Cleveland’s Cuyahoga Community College and 17 years as president of her own national consulting company. For those that missed the session or for presidents/membership officers that did not attend the conference, Sandy has graciously allowed us to make the audio of her presentation and PowerPoint deck available to you.

The IAJGS Board regularly considers methods to help its member organizations expand their membership. We hope these two services will result in membership gains for your organization.

Draft minutes of the IAJGS Annual Membership Meeting are now available.