Introduction - What's Here and How to Access It

Starting a JGSOn this page you will find a series of articles and links to information that will assist you in starting a JGS, but also growing and sustaining it after it is launched.  There are individual articles for easy download in each section if you have an interest in a specific topic.

This material has evolved and will continue to do so. In 2015, Deborah Long wrote a series of articles for the IAJGS website that presented her experience in starting the Triangle JGS, a valuable resource for other groups in that early stage.   Fast forward and we found that while some elements in the life of a JGS had remained relatively constant, others had gone through a sea change with the increased use of virtual meetings, social media and electronic resources. Deborah updated those early articles and together we expanded the material to challenges of a more mature JGS as well as offering multiple approaches. We discovered we had often found different paths to common challenges.  It was a reminder that one size does not fit all. We hope you will find information within this that fits your JGS and assists it in its journey.

Susan Weinberg, IAJGS board member and membership chair


For simpler navigation between articles, access them in their entirety by clicking on the page on the right, then go to the Table of Contents. To download an individual article, go to the section it falls within in the folders below.

Starting a JGS

Starting a JGSThis section explores issues you will encounter in starting your JGS. From that first meeting, to building a board and creating the organizational structure, this topic is about the nuts and bolts of getting your JGS off the ground.

Additional Material on Starting a JGS


Sustaining a JGS


Sustaining a JGSChange is inevitable and presents new challenges. Perhaps a long-time leader or a critical volunteer can no longer serve.  Every JGS faces the challenge of finding new leaders, new volunteers, and developing partnerships to create a sustainable organization. Here we explore some approaches to those challenges.

Additional Material for Sustaining a JGS