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IAJGS Webinars System International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS)

The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) provides a free Webinar system for all members as part of its Members Benefits.

IAJGS created a repository of recorded webinars, so please consider recording your lectures and share them in the IAJGS Webinar Library. All credits and copyrights remain with the JGS and the lecturer (remember to ask the lecturer permission before recording).

In order to see how this system works view this small instructional video. If you need more help with webinars visit the "GoToWebinars Support page".

Check list for setting up webinars

  1. Reserve the date and time for the webinar. (Only one webinar can be broadcast at a time). In order to do this, you must complete the Webinar Request Form below.
  2. If the webinar involves a venue, make sure there is a good Internet connection. It’s better to use cable than WiFi. Also the computer at the venue must be hooked to a projector and have a microphone and speakers connected.
  3. Your organizations Webmaster or Tech Person must be in contact with the IAJGS webmaster to fine tune technical details and receive the proper training if needed.
  4. The IAJGS webmaster must schedule a test with the presenter. This can be done at any time and date (except when another webinar is scheduled) before the actual presentation and does not require to be set up previously. Make sure the presenter uses the same computer he/she will use for the webinar, as it may be necessary to install small components like JavaScript to be able to broadcast. The microphone and speakers for the presenter's computer must be tested as well. Please advise the presenter that video clips do not work well in webinars.
  5. Your organizations Webmaster or Tech Person and the presenter will receive an email invitation to the webinar ahead of time and will be upgraded to “Presenter” at the time of the lecture if needed.
  6. The presenter should connect at least 30 minutes before the lecture.
  7. The webinar has to start at the publicized time and should not last more than 60 minutes including the Q&A.

Tips for an on-venue presentation

  1. What type of computer does the presenter have (Mac / Win)? If the speaker’s computer is a Mac the presenter has to bring the “adapter” connector to the projector. [Various models of Macs need different adapters.]
  2. The presenter should be at the venue 30 minutes before the lecture.
  3. Is there WiFi available or does the presenter's computer have to connect with cable?
  4. Is the Internet connection at the venue working?
  5. Who is the hall's tech person that can be contacted for help? Get the contact information.
  6. The presenter should bring the files in a flash drive or place them in DropBox for possible transfer to a backup computer.

Webinar Request Form

Title / Description
Webinar Title:
Webinar Description:

Date / Time
Start Time: End Time: Time Zone: 
Make sure to be connected at least 30 minutes before the webinar starts.

Email Address:
Please specify the URL where we can find the presenter's photo or mail it to webinars AT

Please specify the URL where we can find your logo or mail it to webinars AT

We need technical help to manage the Webinar:  YES    NO
Webmaster or Tech Person info:
Email Address:
Make sure to schedule a test run with your tech person a couple of days before the webinar, preferably using the same computer to be used at the meeting.

Are you planning to record the webinar?  YES    NO
If YES, we agree to make the recording available via IAJGS to other JGSs? YES    NO

What type of webinar are you planning?
Presenter at the venue with hall and home audience OPEN to all.
Presenter at the venue hall and home audience ONLY for members (require a password).
Presenter at home broadcasting ONLY to the venue.
Presenter at home to broadcasting to venue and/or all home audience.


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