What You Need to Know to Unlock the Secrets of Your Jewish DNA

Are you puzzled by your DNA results and unsure how to proceed?  Maybe you are just looking for a few more tools in your DNA toolbox to help you unravel your latest family history mystery?  Or, did you just discover your Jewish ethnicity when you took a DNA test and now you need to know what to do next?

We can help!  At the 44th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, we have some of the best genetic genealogy educators available to walk you through a series of DNA-themed sessions tailored just for you.  They will give you the information, tools, and methods you need to continue making meaningful family history discoveries.  Here is what we have in store for you.


Explore Your DNA With Expert Guidance


Understanding Your DNA Results

  • Join Gil Bardige in a two-part session, "Help! I Got My DNA Results and I'm Confused." These sessions, perfect for beginners, will break down complex genetic information, making it easier for you to understand your DNA results and uncover your family history.


Case Studies and Advanced Techniques

  • "DNA Case Study: Judith Auerback - Theresienstadt Toddler" with Michael Tobias explores a real-life example of how DNA can solve historical puzzles.
  • "Welcome to X Ed: Using X-DNA in Genetic Genealogy" with Adina Newman delves into the unique insights X-DNA can provide.
  • "Lost and Found: The Fascinating Jewish Historical Events Hidden in Your Y-DNA Results" with Adam Brown, Lea Coryell, and Michael Waas highlights the historical narratives your Y-DNA can reveal.
  • "Demystifying DNA and Endogamy" and "Next Level DNA Strategies for Endogamous Populations" with Diahan Southard offer strategies for dealing with the complexities of endogamous populations.
  • "Overcoming Jewish DNA Obstacles with Y-DNA and mtDNA" with Diahan Southard focuses on overcoming specific challenges in Jewish genealogy.
  • "Use of DNA and Modern Technologies in Holocaust Historiography and Family Research" with Debra Kaplowitz provides insights into using DNA for Holocaust-related family research.


Hands-On Learning

  • Enhance your skills with the hands-on workshop "Painting Your DNA Portrait: Hands-On Chromosome Mapping at DNA Painter" with Adina Newman. This workshop, available at an additional cost, will teach you how to visualize your genetic data and uncover even deeper ancestral connections.


Join Us in Philadelphia

Don't miss out on these invaluable opportunities to unlock the secrets hidden in your DNA.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to delve deeper into your Jewish family history.  Learn more about the conference at IAJGS2024.org.

We hope you will join us in Philadelphia, August 18th through 22nd for an unforgettable experience!

Early bird registration has been extended to July 4th!

If you beat the early bird deadline, the conference is $395 for the week.  Students (under 25 years old and with a student ID) can attend for $125.  After the early bird deadline the price of the conference will increase to $475.


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